Stellungnahmen zur US-Proklamation

1 – United Nations

  • UNSG: Guterres “in relation to Western everything remains as it was. And the solution of Western Sahara does not depend on recognitions by individual states. Depends on the implementation of Security Council resolutions, of which we are the guardians.” (12.12.2020)
  • UN General Assembly reaffirmed the legal status of Western Sahara as a decolonization issue and the responsibility of UN towards the Sahrawi people to enable them to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination. (10.12.2020)
  • UNSG former Personal Envoy Christopher Ross on Trump’s decision: “foolish and ill-considered decision flies in the face of the US commitment to the principles of the non-acquisition of territory by force and the right of peoples to self-determination.”
    Christopher Ross former Personal Envoy for the UN Secretary General for Western Sahara: “President Trump’s decision ensures continued tension, instability, and disunion in North Africa.“
  • UNSG Former Personal Envoy to Western Sahara James Bakers III: „While I strongly support the Abraham Accords, the proper way to implement them was the way it was done with the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan, and not by cynically trading off the self-determination rights of the people of Western Sahara. I agree with Senator James Inhofe when he characterized this development as ’shocking and deeply disappointing.‘ It would appear that the United States of America, which was founded first and foremost on the principle of self-determination, has walked away from that principle regarding the people of Western Sahara. This is very regrettable.“ (11.12.2020)

2 – European Union (EU)

A spokesperson for the EU’s diplomatic service said in response to the U.S. announcement that the bloc’s position regarding Western Sahara has not changed. “The EU regards Western Sahara as a non-self governing territory in the sense of the U.N., for which a dedicated U.N. process is ongoing to determine its final status and which the EU supports,” said European External Action Service spokesperson Peter Stano. “The position of the EU on the Western Sahara dispute remains fully aligned with that of the U.N. Security Council and its resolutions on Western Sahara.” (10.12.2020)

Members of parliarment:
Statement of the Intergroup for Western Sahara (14.12.2020)

3 – Statements by various states


Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “By this decision, Donald Trump administration aims to undermine the universally recognized international legal groundwork of the Western Sahara settlement, which stipulates the determination of the final status of that area through a referendum. “This new position of the United States could dramatically impede UN efforts to promote the Settlement Plan for Western Sahara and to exacerbate the relations between the directly involved parties and to provoke a new spiral of armed confrontation in the Sahara-Sahel region.” (12.12.2020)

United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK)
Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, said: “I welcome the announcement of the normalisation of relations between Israel and Morocco, which is a positive step between two valued partners of the UK. The UK supports efforts to reach negotiated and mutually acceptable political solutions that provide for the self-determination of both the Palestinian people and the people of Western Sahara. Our position on the status of Western Sahara remains unchanged.” (11.12.2020)


In a press release on Friday, German government reaffirmed that its “position on the conflict over Western Sahara remains unchanged. We advocate a just and lasting political solution mediated by the UN.”

„Die Position der der Bundesregierung zum Konflikt um die Westsahara ist unverändert. Wir setzen uns für eine von den Vereinten Nationen vermittelte gerechte, dauerhafte und für alle Seiten annehmbare politische Lösung ein.“ (11.12.2020)

Statement by Ambassador Christoph Heusgen in the Security Council VTC consultations on Western Sahara (21.12.2020)

Gemeinsame Erklärung der im Kuratorium des Vereins  „Freiheit für die Westsahara e.V.“ vertretenen Bundestagsabgeordneten (17.12.2020)

Sevim Dagdelen: Schmutzigen Deal zu Westsahara verurteilen (11.12.2020)


François-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs:
“Canada’s long-standing position on Western Sahara remains unchanged.” (11.12.2020)


Statement on normalisation of relations between Israel and Morocco: “Ireland welcomes the announcement made yesterday on normalisation of relations between Israel and Morocco.
Ireland’s position on the status of Western Sahara remains unchanged. Ireland supports the United Nations Security Council Resolution on self-determination for the people of Western Sahara. We do not have a view on the outcome of that decision so long as it is decided peacefully and in a genuine exercise of self-determination. We wish to see a swift resumption of UN-led talks. It is important that all parties avoid any action which may destabilise the situation.” (12.12.2020)

New Zealand

New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta: “Aotearoa New Zealand’s long-standing position on Western Sahara is unchanged and we remain strongly supportive of the United Nations peace process.” (15.12.2020)


Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya:“In both cases [Palestine and Western Sahara], Spain’s position is clear: respect United Nations resolutions in search of a way to resolve these questions.“ (11.12.2020)


Ann Linde, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden: “Sweden position on Western Sahara remains unchanged: a just, lasting, and mutually acceptable political solution, which will provide for the self-determination of the people of Western Sahara, in line with international law. SE supports UN-led process.” (11.12.2020)

South Africa

Dr Naledi Pandor Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa said that Trump’s decision to recognise Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara “goes against international law and the African Union’s Constitutive Act.” (14.12.2020)


Algeria has reaffirmed that Western Sahara conflict is a question of decolonization which can only be resolved through the application of the international law, said a communiqué of Foreign Ministry (MAE). (12.12.2020)


Senator for Oklahoma: Inhofe Statement on Western Sahara (11.12.2020)

4 – NGOs

Right Livelihood Foundation:
The Foundation deplores US recognition of Moroccan claim over Western Sahara

Eucoco: The Western Sahara is not for sale (11.12.2020)

Declaration of the european interparliarmentary conference of solidarity with the people of Western Sahara, (12.12.2020)

Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker:
USA erkennen Souveränität Marokkos über Westsahara an
Trumps erratische Afrika-Politik ignoriert Völkerrecht,